What to watch this week in Eurasia

Among what to watch this week in Eurasia are Russian GDP data with forecasts suggesting a 0.4% decline from the previous announcement. There is also GDP data from Kazakhstan on Wednesday with analysts forecasts pointing to a 1.8% decrease in GDP from the previous growth announcement. Kazakhstan also provides us with unemployment numbers and retails sales on Wednesday.

Later in the week, we get trade numbers from Kazakhstan when they announce Balance of Trade figures for September, the expected balance is 2.8bln according to Trading Economics.

On Friday we get GDP numbers from Belarus as well as Industrial Production figures from Russia. Belarus is expected to post a slightly lower GDP figure than previous announcements with analysts forecasting a 0.1% decline. Russia is expected to post a 0.8% increase for Industrial Production with forecasts pointing to 2.9% with consensus estimates coming in at a 2.7% increase compared with 2.1% for the previous announcement.

A relatively slow week in terms of data points and announcements from the Eurasian Economic bloc with Kazakhstan being the busiest in terms of the number of announcements. Below is an outline of the highlights for the week ahead.

Tuesday 13th November 2018

RUSSIA GDP Growth Rate YoY Prel Q3 Previous 1.9% vs. Forecast 1.5%

Wednesday 14th November 2018

KAZAKHSTAN GDP YoY for OCT Previous 6.5% vs. Forecast 4.7%
KAZAKHSTAN Retail Sales YoY for OCT Previous 10.6% vs. Forecast 5.2%
KAZAKHSTAN Unemployment Rate for OCT Previous 4.9% vs. Forecast 4.9%

Thursday 15th November 2018

KAZAKHSTAN Balance of Trade for SEP Previous $2.3B vs. Forecast $ 2.8B

Friday 16th November 2018

BELARUS GDP YoY for OCT Previous 3.7% vs. Forecast 3.6%
RUSSIA Industrial Production YoY for OCT Previous 2.1% vs. Forecast 2.9% the consensus estimate comes in at 2.7%


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