VTB & Burger King go Cashless

VTB & Burger King go Cashless. As cashless payments soar in Russia, VTB and Burger King launch QR-code payments.

Burger King is the second-largest fast-food restaurant chain in the world that specializes in burgers. Burger King Russia has more than 800 restaurants and 20,000 employees in Russia.

It is now possible for customers of the Burger King restaurant chain to pay for orders in restaurants through the VTB Bank’s quick payment system using a QR (Quick Response) code. This is a new contactless payment technology without the need for a bank card. As the QR code contains all the necessary information all that is needed is to choose a payment method, scan the QR code on the cash register display with a smartphone camera and confirm the payment in their bank’s mobile app. This change is down to the convenience of this method and is not only due to the pandemic. It is simple to use and saves time on making payments which, as Alexander Botsiev, senior Vice President of VTB Bank states, is particularly important for the Burger King restaurant chain.

The full article can be found on the VTB website.


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