Rostec creates the first hybrid complex in Russia – Rostec has created the first hybrid complex in Russia for the production of aircraft engine parts


Rostec creates the first hybrid complex in Russia – The United Engine Corporation (UEC) of the Rostec State Corporation has developed the first 5-axis hybrid complex in Russia for the production of experimental parts for gas turbine engines. The CNC machining center combines 3D printing, machining and laser welding. The machine is already producing large-sized complex parts for the needs of the UEC.

According to a press release on the company’s website.

The development has no analogues in terms of its technical characteristics and technological capabilities. The complex is designed for high-speed manufacturing of complex-profile large-sized parts for gas turbine engines by direct laser growth and mechanical processing. Unlike foreign analogues, it allows the production and high-precision processing of large-sized parts of gas turbine engines with dimensions up to 1100x600x600 mm and weighing up to 450 kg.

An individual control program is developed for each part, which is created on the basis of a design 3D model. First, the workpiece is grown from special heat-resistant metal powders. Then the complex automatically performs turning and milling processing, which allows obtaining a completely finished part at the exit.

“The digital complex combines the functions of a 3D printer and several processing machines, which can significantly reduce the development time and market launch of new aircraft engines. A hybrid machine in a few hours creates a part on the basis of a three-dimensional digital model, which takes several months to manufacture in the traditional way. This technology also opens up broad prospects for cooperation between the enterprises of the Rostec aviation cluster. The new equipment will be used to produce experimental parts and carry out work ordered by other design bureaus. Work is already underway to fulfil the first orders, ”said Vladimir Artyakov, First Deputy General Director of Rostec.

Due to the high power of the fibre laser – 3 kW – the complex can produce welding up to 6 mm thick. The hybrid complex can also be used to repair damaged parts.

“Such hybrid systems are being developed only in several countries of the world: Germany, Japan, Korea and China. But they are inferior in size in the production of large-sized aircraft engine parts. Our experts, together with partners, have found a unique solution that removes the existing restrictions. The capabilities of the complex have been successfully tested in the manufacture of body parts for a promising engine, ”said Sergei Pavlinich, director of the branch of the United Engine Corporation JSC“ Research Institute of Technology and Organization of Engine Production ”(JSC UEC“ NIID ”).

The project was implemented in the branch of JSC “UEC” “NIID” (Moscow) by order of JSC “UEC” in cooperation with the St. Petersburg Polytechnic University and OOO SKB “Stankostroenie” (Sterlitamak).

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