MTS, (MCX:MTSI),  the largest mobile operator in Russia has launched a new electronic document management (EDM) service.

MTS issued the following press release to mark the occasion.

MTS, (MCX:MTSI) has launched a new electronic document management (EDM) service.

MTS has launched an Electronic Document Management (EDM) service that will allow our business clients to move away from paper documents and exchange legally binding documents both within the company and externally – with their customers, suppliers and other parties. Legally binding documents are those perceived as veritable and have an electronic signature. MTS is the first among the Russian telecom companies to independently develop the solution, has the license of EDM operator and provides a service without intermediaries.

All the documents that are sent through the MTS EDM system are signed with an electronic signature that uses cryptographic information protection technology, to eliminate the risk of data leaks. On top of this, the service will allow clients to keep electronic records of all their documents, systematize them and benefit from a convenient document storage and search system in the archive.

For MTS’s current corporate clients, the system does not require the installation and update of special software: documents exchange is organized through a universal web interface over secured communication channels. New customers can use the service through the application on the MTS website.

Sergey Plotnikov, Director, B2B Department, MTS, commented, “Electronic document management is a strategically important base service for the further development of our digital services for business customers. By reducing costs, increasing the transparency of processes, accelerating decision-making, e-document management significantly increases the efficiency of any business, regardless of its size, turnover or market. A Russian company spends 151 rubles on average to produce, sign and transfer one paper set of documents, while a similar process in e-format costs seven rubles. The companies that switch to our EDM can reduce their costs on consumables and logistics minimum in 21 times”.

Our EDM service helps a range of different businesses to optimize their costs. According to MTS estimates, IT and Telecoms companies can use the service to accelerate their payment processes by six times, and reduce their document delivery processes by 88%. EDM allows banks and retailers to double the range of services that they provide to customers in remote locations, and using EDM can reduce a company’s manual data entry errors by 54%. Energy companies and those operating in the car industry can reduce the time it takes to track documents by a third, and the system allows them to edit documents online 40% faster than when they were using paper.

In 2017, MTS received authorization to become an EDM operator from the Federal Tax Service, and we fully comply with all the legal binding EDM regulatory requirements. Technical support of the solution and its development is carried out by a system integrator NVision Group.

MTS Company Profile

The firm, founded in 1993, employs over 58,000 people and has products in key areas such as cellular networks, broadband, mobile and satellite television and local telephone.

MTS shares trade on the NYSE under the ticker NYSE:MBT.

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